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Embracing Change and Cultivating Growth

Hey hey there! I am delighted to have you here, embarking on this journey of growth and discovery together. Let's dive right into the "why" behind Life on the Grow.


Life is full of cosmic shifts and transitions, isn't it? We all experience moments that can feel uncomfortable and unsettling. Just take a look at life since 2019 up until now... With all the prevailing voices around us, very few take the time to pause and reflect on the what and, more importantly, the why behind these changes. (And to be fair, there are even fewer people who are willing to listen and be aware.)

Just like you, I understand the challenges of navigating change. That's precisely why I've started this blog—to be your companion through the ups and downs, sharing my stories and reflections to support you on your own journey.

What's Normal Anyway?

The concept of "normal" is an intriguing one. As we mature, we come to understand that life is ever-changing, and embracing growth becomes a necessity. Over the years God has gently but firmly helped me release the idea that living a normal life is His best for me.

Life on the Grow is about making a conscious decision to grow in every aspect of our being—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And not just once a year or when we're inspired or stirred up emotionally to change - it is a daily, diligent practice. Moreover, we choose to embrace this growth with joy and courage.

Three Key Elements

There are three key elements at the heart of a Life on the Grow journey:

  • To begin, we must cultivate Awareness - what is happening around us and within us as it relates to our unique story and God's divine plan.

  • Next, Reflection becomes vital - looking back on our experiences, learning from them, and allowing ourselves to grow and seek spiritual insight.

  • Lastly, we cultivate Clarity - the ability to hear, see and walk confidently with vision and God's guidance through life's twists and turns.

If these three are already part of your faith walk, that's awesome! I pray that what's shared in this space encourages you to go "further up and further in". And if any (or all) three elements are new to you, welcome! Take this as an opportunity to grow your faith, joy, and peace in Christ by engaging with us. Your life will never be the same... in a good way. :)

Thank you for joining me on this exploration of Life on the Grow! Together, we can embrace change and choose to intentionally grow and flourish. You are not alone in this journey - I am honored to walk alongside you. May we cultivate joy and courage as we bloom and thrive.

Stay tuned for more reflections, stories, and some delightful recipes too! Don't forget to subscribe and become part of our community. Until next time, love one another and walk in His Peace.

Blessings, friend!

Lydia E. 🌿🌸


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