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5-Ingredient Spiced Chocolate Fat Bombs

The perfect on-the-go protein snack, this chocolate fat bombs recipe is gently spiced and has no refined sugar!

It is the holy grail of every plant-based foodie, especially when it reminds you of a favorite childhood treat. My favorites growing up were peanut butter cups, gingersnaps, and lemon cookies...

So when I discovered a recipe that involves good fats, clean protein, and a touch of sweetness, the results were reminiscent of peanut butter cups and are borderline addicting (#frfr). 

A spiced chocolate fat bomb in a brown cupcake liner, partially sliced.

Enter the spiced chocolate fat bomb.

And y'all, they are DA BOMB. 

These chocolate fat bombs are a nod to the popular keto bombs recipes you see everywhere... 

Protein + Fat = Sustained Energy 

As a mom on the go it’s easy to skip breakfast and feel the slump in energy. I love this recipe because it is super simple to make and a quick grab-n-go option when you need a caloric boost. Or chocolate boost. Whichever floats your boat. lol 

It was so much fun and a happy way to celebrate another lap around the sun. 

Since the video, friends and family have been messaging me sharing how much they love these tasty treats… work snacks, girls' night in, post-workout celebration - you name it.

And now I share it with you! 

The main difference between this recipe and its keto cousins is using adding unrefined sugar plus a splash of flavor. 

Vitality essential oils are a concentrated burst of herbs and spices without the gritty, overpowering texture. I use Peppermint for focus, Thieves for a warm soothing flavor, and Ginger for energy. 

How about you? What’s your healthy go-to snack? Share your faves in the comments. 


Did you try this recipe? Let me know how it turned out!

Tag @heylydiaeppic on Instagram + FB with your photo. I appreciate you + your feedback! xo

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